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Seek advice if:


  • not learning to make sounds

  • not babbling

  • no response to name

  • no eye contact with caregivers and familiar people

 8-12 MONTHS

  • not learning to eat solids

  • not beginning to crawl, sit or pull to standing position

  • not interested in holding toys

 1-2 YEARS

  • no communication via words or actions/gestures

  • no desire to move around

  • not responding to others

  • not seeking attention of familiar people 

Finger Painting
Kids Blowing Bubbles

 2-3 YEARS

  • no interest in play

  • delayed gross motor skills

  • difficulty in using small objects

  • not interested in food

  • lack of understanding of simple instructions

 3-5 YEARS

  • difficulty in maintenance of fluency in speech

  • not playing/no interest in play with other children

  • unable to hold simple conversations

  • completely not potty-trained

*Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). Early Years Learning Practice Based Resources - Developmental Milestones. ACT: Council of Australian Governments: Commonwealth of Australia. 

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