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1 to 1 Home-Based Therapy

Applied behavioural therapy has been known to help children who have not met targeted developmental milestones. It is also used in identifying challenging behaviours and their causes to work towards developing positive behaviours. In conjunction with play therapy (purposeful play), we learn more about the child, the ways they express themselves, while providing them room to explore, learn and grow at their own pace.

A key part of therapy is focused on 4 big areas of development; cognitive (language, literacy and numeracy), social, motor and self help skills.

As each child learns differently, an Individualised Educational Program (IEP) will be developed unique to their developmental needs.

School Shadowing

It can be daunting for a child with special needs to be in a school setting, especially one who struggles with social communication skills. Many, if not most, struggle to relate with other children, resulting in difficulties initiating and maintaining friendships, leading to them spending a lot of time playing on their own. He or she might also not be able to listen and carry out instructions as well as their peers and display behaviours such as wandering around
the classroom and focusing on objects around the room for self stimulation. School shadowing allows us to help ease your child in an overwhelming environment by facilitating independent learning and teaching the appropriate social etiquette like reading and reacting to social cues.

Educational Support

Educational support provides additional aid to your child's current academic needs by helping them learn and break down concepts they may have already learnt in school, but are not fully able to understand. Without a strong foundation, they may find themselves struggling to master learning concepts, catch up in class and fearing tests or examinations.

Therefore, we will explore and work on topics that is a concern, after assessing their needs and feedback from their school teachers. Various learning techniques will be used and explored, while making the learning session as fun as possible for them!


Our playdates will allow your child to learn a variety of skills fundamental to their development. By being around and playing with other children in a safe space, it will also encourage physical and mental growth.  

Vocational Training

Through collaborations with various organisations, we aim to help your child gain valuable work life skills and experience that will translate to independence and future employment.

Swim Coaching 

Swimming is an important experience for most of our little ones, especially for a child who may have special needs. Our approach is to customise each child's learning experience with one on one coaching, creating safe and confident swimmers. 

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